Warm up

Warm ups help gently loosen stiff muscles and get your body for deeper postures. This warm-up sequence combines gentle spinal stretching with twists and deep breathing to ease you into a longer practice or just get ready to face the day.


Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations are a series of standing postures which stretch the back, legs and hips through forward and backward bends. This gentle variation has been modified to still give an active practice which is safe for pregnancy. Practice gently if you are experiencing pelvic pain.


Seated Postures

Seated postures are great for stretching tight muscles around the hips and lower back while keeping the pelvis stable. This sequence works around the hip joints to relieve tension and sciatica



Shavasana is the most important part of yoga practice. Deep relaxation helps the body restore its own balance and rest. In our fast-paced culture it is vital to find time to be still and relax, especially during pregnancy. The full DVD shavasana is 12 minutes long and includes guided imagery to connect to your baby and changing body.