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Meet Bec


Bec has been teaching Yoga classes since 2001, when she finished the teacher training course at OM Yoga Center under Cyndi Lee. Since then Bec has gone on to gain certifications in restorative yoga and her specialty, pre-natal and post-natal yoga. Bec focuses on helping women develop strength, flexibility and confidence throughout their pregnancy and post-partum. Bec has studied prenatal and post natal yoga with Betsy Kase, Janice Clarfield, and Judith Lasater. Bec has also assisted Janice in training future pre-natal yoga teachers at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness. In January of 2007, Bec completed Barbara Benagh's 15 month course: The Art of Teaching Yoga. In April of 2017 Bec completed Kaia Yoga's Meditation Teacher Training with David Nichtern.

Bec began her training as a Birth Doula in August of 2002 during a pre-natal yoga training. Her first birth experience taught her the value of intuition and a calm, steady presence in birth. Bec has attended nearly 200 births —  first in the New York area, and here in Boston since September 2005. Bec was certified through DONA International until 2012.


Currently Bec is not taking on New Doula clients, with the exception of repeat clients.  Here is a list of expert resources to support your pregnancy.

Bec has also studied the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing® and is a certified HypnoBirthing® childbirth educator. For more on this method of childbirthing involving deep relaxation and self-hypnosis please visit the section on HypnoBirthing®. Bec teaches both group and individual classes in HypnoBirthing® around the Boston area.

Through her years of teaching and attending birthing women, Bec has seen a deep connection between the body, the mind and the heart; a connection she hopes to share with her students and birthing mothers. Bec's classes focus on developing strength and flexibility while learning to respect and listen to the body's wisdom. Her gentle teaching style allows students to deepen their practice while working at their own pace.

I joined Bec's prenatal Yoga class when I was 22 weeks pregnant. Right away, I was impressed by the fact that Bec paid close attention to each of us in the room, starting with her ability to remember all of our names. She also took the time at the beginning of every class to ask what each of us needed, then tailored the class to make sure all of those personal needs were addressed by the end of the class. Furthermore, Bec provided each of us individual instruction if necessary, including modifications to certain poses or exercises. This was particularly relevant to me; I had a few complications during my pregnancy, yet - because of Bec's incredible ability to differentiate - I was still able to participate fully every time I stepped onto my yoga mat. I can't wait to join Bec and other new moms in Bec's Baby and Me yoga classes as soon as I am able!

~ Heather

Bec teaches yoga classes in and around the Boston area, in a variety of styles including: Pre-natal yoga, Vinyasa yoga, beginners yoga and inspired by her work with pregnant moms, as well as a Mommy and Me yoga class. She also conducts trainings in teaching prenatal yoga and adapting Vinyasa yoga for pregnant students practitioners.


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