Om Births Studio Affiliate Program

Ready to offer moms at your yoga studio more? Build a prenatal yoga & postnatal program that keeps your students on their yoga mats before & after childbirth!

Are you trying to find a resource for certified, trusted prenatal and post natal yoga teachers to support your students through their pregnancy, and in the transition back into their established practice? We can help!


Om Births Affiliate Studios

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You have pregnant students, and as a studio you want to serve them better — but supporting pregnancy through yoga means more than just a couple of classes on the schedule.

Pregnancy comes with questions about birth preparation, Motherhood, child development and community. Your students will only be pregnant for a short time, and this population requires specialized marketing.

By becoming an Om Births™ affiliated studio, you can offer your students  the full support they want from their practice, without taking on a whole new development strategy.


Om Births™ prenatal referral & satellite program allows your studio to become part of a larger network of prenatal yoga without the challenges of implementing the program on your own.


As an Om Births affiliate studio, you will have access to:

  • Specialized prenatal & postnatal classes
  • Expert, experienced, certified yoga teachers
  • Continuing education
  • Comprehensive workshops 
  • Childbirth education classes
  • New mother's support and meditation groups 
  • Connections to local perinatal health support systems

We offer resources to help you guide your students through the transition back into their former practice safely. As a part of our community, you can refer your students into an established network for the short period while they are pregnant and newly postpartum. 


How Our Prenatal Yoga Satellite Program Works

Our satellite class program allows you to host prenatal and post natal yoga classes right at your studio. You can also take advantage of the Om Births™ marketing network, specifically targeted to promote and reach pregnant women and new mothers. Om Births™ class cards give students the ability to attend classes at any of our locations, allowing you to reach a larger number of pregnant students.


Keep your students happy, supported & on their yoga mats!

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Om Births™ Comprehensive Prenatal Yoga Program means:

  • Expert teachers trained and certified in our proven style of prenatal yoga
  • Yoga for Birth Preparation workshops
  • Yoga for Relaxation workshops
  • Community contacts and support groups for new mothers 
  • Postnatal classes designed specifically to ease students back into their former practice
  • Referrals to local prenatal providers for additional care
  • A marketing network of already established connections within the prenatal field to promote our primary and satellite classes

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