Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Class Schedule

Live classes are held at Down Under Yoga in Newton, Brookline and Cambridge. Be sure to check the location of your class

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Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed to help women find comfort during pregnancy, connect with their community, and prepare for labor and birth. Physical postures (asanas), flowing sequences (vinyasas), meditation and breath-work (pranayama) help women relax and adjust to the physical, emotional and mental demands of pregnancy. Yogic philosophy and increased awareness can be invaluable tools during the birth process as well as when attending to a new child and a mother's own special needs during this challenging time.

I cannot rave about Bec enough and what she has meant to me throughout my pregnancy. I had my first prenatal yoga class with her when I was just 10 weeks pregnant, and still feeling disconnected from my baby and changing body. During shavasana, Bec encouraged internal contact and reflection between both self and the baby inside, and for the first time I felt connected to my baby. This was a turning point for me and an enormous gift that Bec gave me. I have been working with her ever since, and she has been a huge part of my wellness throughout this pregnancy. She encourages one to trust and listen to one’s body while at the same time challenging each student based on individual goals and abilities. Her extensive knowledge and warm yet challenging approach come together to create what is, for me, a perfect practice.

~ Sally

Baby and Me Yoga

This class is a gentle yoga class designed to help new Moms and Dads regain muscle tone, abdominal strength, and flexibility, which cultivating a peaceful, loving connection with the baby, and themselves. Postures stretch and strengthen tight muscles, while breath work, and relaxation exercises help students feel rejuvenated, and refreshed. Parents have a chance to interact with the baby during yoga practice, learning potential exercises to do at home. Please bring a receiving blanket for the baby to lie on, and any toys your baby enjoys. Due to the unpredictability of a baby's schedule, you may arrive up to 20 minutes late and still take class.

This class (Baby and Me) has been a fun way for me to regain strength and muscle tone after pregnancy and birth. Baby loves it, I get to connect with other new Moms - everybody wins!

~ Eva

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