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Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Learn How to Offer A Safe, Supportive & Creative Prenatal Yoga Class


The Om Births Module 1 Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is for yoga teachers with a 200hr certification who are interested in delving more fully into the world of pregnancy and yoga. The 20 hour immersion weekend prepares students to work with the special needs of prenatal students, and certify them to design and teach a safe, specifically prenatal class.


Module 1 will include sections on:


Anatomy & Asana for Pregnancy

  • The anatomy and physiology of Pregnancy

  • Appropriate postures for a prenatal yoga practice and class

  • Modifications for different stages in pregnancy

  • Yoga solutions to common pregnancy aches and pains

  • Meditation for both pregnancy and birth

  • Pranayama for a prenatal practice

History & Philosophy

  • Yoga’s view the pregnant body and how this model differs from the western medical model

  • Historical practices in Birth and how those practices have affected the birth process.

  • Myths surrounding prenatal yoga: which postures are truly contra-indicated and why?

Practical Application

  • Yoga practices for childbirth preparation

  • Prenatal class components and sequencing, including discussion of how to conduct “circle time” and foster community through open communication in class

  • Student teaching opportunities

  • Immediate post-natal yoga considerations and steps for re-introducing Mom back to practice


Bec is an excellent teacher. who brings not only her knowledge and experience as a yoga instructor but her training and insight as a Doula as well, offering an insight and understanding into prenatal yoga that is rich, thorough and inspiring. She makes sure we leave the training more than competent; aware of the modifications needed within each trimester, as well as a deep awareness of how to integrate all the changes of a pregnant body into an effective class.

~ Lillian

Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teaching Training Weekends

Our Pre-Postnatal Training continues in Modules 2 & 3! 

(Prerequisite: Om Births Module 1 Prenatal Teacher Training)

Topics Covered Include:

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Advanced Anatomy

  • Further explorations of pregnancy anatomy & alignment in Asana will be covered in greater depth.

  • Considerations for pelvic pain during pregnancy and how to address it

  • Physical considerations for yoga Asanas and modifications

  • Safe and effective Core and Pelvic Floor toning exercises

  • Mindfulness practices for postpartum

  • Infant development stages

Advanced Techniques

  • Recognizing PostPartum depression and tool to aid mothers

  • Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep), The physiology of relaxation and techniques for pregnancy, birth and after

  • Class sequencing development

  • Further student teaching opportunities

Inviting Baby to Practice

  • Yoga sequences for interacting with babies

  • Ways to integrate baby into existing yoga postures

  • Fun songs to entertain baby while practicing

  • Baby massage techniques

Post Natal / Post Partum

  • Anatomy and physiology of postpartum period

  • Physical considerations for practice following birth

  • Asana modifications where necessary

  • Working with birth injuries, stitches, and C-sections

  • When to resume exercise, and how to ease into active activities (ie: running)

  • Levels of core integration exercises and when to increase difficulty

  • Ways to develop community support for mothers and families


The Teachers Retreat: Continuing Education

Upon completion of any Om Births training module, teachers are eligible to attend a 3-4 day retreat immersion at a local New England Retreat center. This Teachers Retreat gives you the chance to work in a community setting with Bec to discuss questions arising from your individual study projects, and to more fully explore the energy & experience of teaching Prenatal yoga while connecting to the larger Birth community.

What's Covered

  • We will discuss how to liaison with Care providers

  • How to handle challenging students, situations

  • Staying true to your approach, while allowing for evolution

  • Building a sustainable personal prenatal yoga business

  • Learning how to develop your brand as a teacher and the secrets to developing a prenatal following

  • Self care, and avoiding burn-out

  • Bringing greater awareness and joy to expecting and the New Moms experiences

  • Extensive Opportunities for practice teaching and feedback

  • Teachers Lounge for open discussions around all things Pre and Postnatal yoga

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