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We know Om Births classes are spectacular, now you can take that same warmth and precision with you wherever you go! We are just about finished developing the Om Births Online membership  which gives you unlimited access to home practice videos with Om Births founder Bec Conant! These were each filmed during her 35th week of pregnancy! 

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Sun Salutations for Pregnancy and Post-Partum: 20 minutes
A daily practice with a gentle modification of Yoga's Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) for pregnancy and postpartum. This video features a gentle series of forward and backward bending postures to mobilize and free the spine. Postures are also done from Table position

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Energizing Warrior Mama: 15 minutes
Continuing on from the Sun Salutation or simply standing by itself, Energizing Warrior Mama focuses on standing postures such as Warrior 1 and 2 as well as Trikonasana. Standing postures strengthen and tone the legs and body, while side bending sequences help to relieve lower back pain. Included are also special mantras for labor and birth inspire mental focus and stamina.

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Psoas/Quad Release: 13:40 minutes
Your Psoas and Quads are powerful hip flexors. Releasing there muscles is critical in both relieving back pain and allowing optimal room for the uterus and baby. Gentle backbends stretch the hips flexors and then lead into deeper Quad stretches.

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Sciatica/ Hip Opening series: 14:50 minutes
Sciatica is a specific pain which occurs from a compression of the nerves in the back of the pelvis. It can be due to overly tight gluteus and piriformis muscles, or from excessive laxity in the pelvic joints. Hip openers help stretch the hip rotator muscles, and when done to the appropriate degree can also be used to stabilize hyper-mobile joints. Gentle movements release muscles while promoting pelvic symmetry and stability. Postpartum this video can bring relief from the tight hips and lower back pain from sitting and breastfeeding a baby. Bec used this sequence herself during her pregnancy and afterwards to alleviate her own sciatica.

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Pre and Postnatal Abdominals: 13 minutes
Yes you read that right, abdominals for during pregnancy and immediately post-partum. Pelvic rocking, deep breathing, and appropriate level abdominal work help to activate the deepest transverse abdominal layers and also work to awaken the pelvic floor. Appropriate for any stage of pregnancy, and the perfect sequence to begin rebuilding abdominal control 4 weeks post birth! Also appropriate for those suffering from Diastasis Recti

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Restorative Slow Flow: 22:15 minutes
A slow, restorative sequence for winding down at the end of the day. Slow mindful movements help to bring attention to the present moment and release the thinking mind. This mindfulness is combined with fully supported postures to encourage deep rest and relaxation. Pillows from your couch or bed are recommended. Especially useful during pregnancy

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Shoulder opening: 10 minutes
Especially good for not only prenatal, but postpartum as well. Shoulder opening postures and sequences restore flexibility and range of motion to the upper chest and neck. This sequence combats the extra weight on the front of the body during pregnancy, and then the rounded "New Mommy" posture common during postpartum


"Prenatal Yoga with Bec Conant" Full DVD: 90 minutes in 7 segments
Stream Bec's full Prenatal Yoga class DVD filmed in 2008 by Heart of the Moon Media. This includes all the sections: Warm-up, Sun Salutations, Standing Postures, Wall Work, Seated Postures, Backbends, and a Guided Shavasana. Segments vary from kneeling cat/cow sequences to mobilize and free the spine, to active standing postures which strengthen and tone the legs. Wall based postures focus on improving balance and relieving heartburn, and guided Shavasana brings deep relaxation and calm to finish it all out. Perfect for those wanting a full prenatal class practice in the comfort of your own home!


And the membership isn't just Yoga videos

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Guided Body Scan: 20 minutes
The guided body scan meditation from the Om Births Calm Mom, Calm Baby, Calm Birth workshop. Perfect for at home daily relaxation practice after a hard day. Regular relaxation helps the body function better and also inhibits the release of stress hormones which can interfere with labor and the birth process.

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Bec's Pregnancy Journey week-by week
Join Om Births Founder Bec Conant as her pregnancy unfolds week-by-week in weekly videos filmed at her home. See her talking about how she is feeling, the challenges she faces, and what yoga practices she is working with as the pregnancy progresses.
Also laugh with her and her husband with the bloopers reel of mishaps which occurred during taping.


Hear what Bec’s students are saying about studying with her through their pregnancy

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