Ab Rehab

Tone and reconnect to the deep core, pelvic floor safely and effectively


This workshop is designed to help new moms recover strength and tone in their core body muscles following pregnancy and birth.

The workshop will include:

-Experiential anatomy to feel the different layers of muscles in the abdominal wall

-Pelvic Floor exercises and how to works them seamlessly into your day

-The proper way to do "crunches"

-Progressive exercises which can be done at whatever level your body is ready for

-How and when to return to jogging and running activities safely

This is not just a sit-up fest. We will incorporate front, back and base core exercises with an eye to developing an overall strong center able to respond to everything from sneezing, to running to Vinyasa yoga

Beneficial for any moms at least 4 weeks post-partum (note: Mom should be cleared for light exercise by a care provider)

Cost: $35

Calm Mom, Calm Baby, Calm Birth

Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth


This workshop provides an opportunity for expectant moms to release physical; and mental tension, and to learn tools helpful for Labor and Birth. The ability to deeply relax has a direct impact on both the length and pain of a woman's labor. With deep relaxation moms are able to release into the flow of labor and even (sometimes) feel less discomfort.

This workshop will include:

  • Restorative yoga postures useful for labor and birth

  • The mechanics of the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle and how to reverse this

  • Visualizations for relaxation and calm birthing

  • Pranayama for further relaxation and to work with the body's contractions

  • Body Scan relaxation for daily restorative practice

Restorative yoga is a fully supported style of yoga designed to promote deep relaxation throughout the nervous system. We will use props to create the shape of yoga postures and then allow gravity to do any opening. Beneficial throughout pregnancy, No prior yoga experience necessary

Prenatal Partner Yoga

Yoga for Labor, Birth and Connection

This workshop provides an opportunity for couples to enhance their awareness and confidence in pregnancy and birth. Couples use Partner Yoga in a light fun atmosphere. Along with Partner Yoga, the workshop will also focus on different ways to connect and use Yoga off the mat and during Birth.

Topics covered include:

-Yoga sequences and postures which could be useful during Labor and Delivery

-Alternative Birthing positions and how to get in and out of them

-Intuitive massage techniques to relieve pain and increase endorphins

-Counter pressure techniques useful for relieving Labor pain

-Vocal toning to facilitate relaxation and opening.

Partner Yoga is a fun practice of yoga postures done in physical contact with another person. Students experience a deeper sense of release and stretching through sharing weight and touch with their partners. The practice helps develop a strong feeling of connection both on the mat, and afterwards.

Cost: $60 Per couple