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Preparing for your Fourth Trimester

  • Om Births at Inner Strength 309 Main Street Watertown, MA, 02472 United States (map)

Preparing for your Fourth Trimester

A workshop on Pre and Postnatal emotional wellbeing

Did you know that the number one complication of pregnancy and childbirth is an emotional complication? As many as 1 in 5 women experience depression and anxiety in pregnancy or postpartum. So who is at risk? Anyone who has a baby; untreated, emotional complications can also can affect a partner or older children living in the home. 
The good news is, awareness and planning can reduce the incidence of emotional complications in pregnancy and postpartum. This workshop talks about what emotional complications look like (and don’t look like -- you may be surprised!), how to implement strategies to protect your emotional health, and what resources are out there if you need support.
Join Maria Dolorico, a Boston-based mental health counselor and life coach, and invest some time caring for yourself and your partner, while you learn to care for your baby. 

Maria Dolorico

Maria Dolorico is a mental health counselor and life coach in Boston. Her practice specializes in mothers and their adjustment through pregnancy, postpartum, and later parenting. She runs support groups and educational workshops as well as individual counseling sessions. Maria’s practice is influenced by her many years as a (now mostly retired) birth doula, a mother of 3 girls, and a resident of a tightly-knit village of families in Boston. She strives to bring honesty, autonomy, compassion, and humor to the glorious mess that is mothering.