OM: The sacred syllable that is said to contain within it all other sounds. The sound of creation.
Om' is the primal sound or vibration from which the entire universe constantly emanates. It is the sound of creative departure and return. It is thus the essence of all Mantra. The sounding of 'Om' is the beginning of a transformative process which delivers us to a state of awareness enabling us to actually experience identity with the supreme Creative Principle.
Birth is another transformative process for both mom and baby, which is also completely natural. Two cells grow into a fully functioning human being, and the woman shifts from a "maiden" to a mother. This is a time to nurture and support connections on many different levels.

Om Births

                                                     Connecting to the spirit of Pregnancy and Childbirth
My philosophy behind OM births is quite simple, to offer pregnant women the chance to connect with their bodies, their babies, their community and their inner wisdom to help you have a happy, healthy pregnancy and transition into motherhood. I encourage students to be guided from their own comfort levels, while giving them the opportunity to develop strength and confidence in their bodies and minds. This is not a time in your life when your body is fragile You have within you vast emotional and physical resources to draw upon as your baby grows and is born. I like to help women tap into their inner power and enable them to make empowered conscious choices throughout their pregnancy, birthing, and beyond

Om Births DVD
"Prenatal Yoga with Bec Conant"
Video clips now available!

Bec's Weekly Class Schedule:
VinyasaPre Natal   Mom and Baby
  Tues 5:45pm             Mon 12pm   Mon 10:30
Wed 6pm    Mon 2:30
                 Thurs 5:30           Tues 11:30
      Thurs 6:30pm       Wed 10:15am
        Sun 9:15am     
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JP HypnoBirthing class begins Monday September 14th
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Prenatal Yoga at Inner Strength Watertown
Sunday 9:15-10:30 am

Baby and Me Yoga 
Tuesday 11:30-12:30
at Inner Strength
Calm Mom, Calm Baby, Calm Birth
Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy and Labor
Inner Strength Watertown
Friday Se[ptember 11th 5:30-7:30
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Ab Rehab
Restoring Core strength post birth
Inner Strength Watertown
Sunday September 13th 11-1pm
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Prenatal Partner Yoga
Partner Yoga and Massage for Pregnancy and Birth
Sunday September 20th 2-4pm
New Yoga Classes!!!
Pre and Post natal WORKSHOPS!!!
Mom and Baby yoga at OMBE
Mondays 10:30-11:30

Lunchtime Prenatal Yoga at OMBE
Mondays 12-1

Prenatal Yoga
Thursdays 5:30 and 6:30 at OMBE
Mom and Baby Yoga class added at Blissful Monkey! Mondays 2:30-3:30 beginning July 6th!
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